Air Conditioning / Heating

When planning offices or other commercial premises we are mindful of the heating, cooling and ventilation requirements and incorporate for these from the outset.

For optimum efficiency we recommend heat pump units which can either heat or cool your premises by utilising internal and external units which operate:-

In summer:- by pumping heat from the inside of the building to the outside.

In winter:- by pumping heat from the outside of the building to the inside (even when it's cold outside) - no fuel costs - just the power for the pumps

This is an efficient way of conditioning the temperature in your premises, enhancing your "carbon footprint"

Your Financial Director / Accountant will be pleased as well since these systems help to qualify for Tax breaks called 'Enhanced Capital Allowances' for more details take a look at this site:-

A typical installation will comprise


Four Way Blow in Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning Unit- Cooling

This air conditioning unit is suitable for installation in most types of suspended ceilings in applications such as shops, offices and similar small to medium sized spaces.

The unit offers 2, 3 or 4 way air discharge through variable air flow louvres, working at noise levels which are considered to be extremely quiet.


air-conditioning-heating2The Outdoor Condensing Unit

This outdoor air conditioning unit is the other half of an air conditioning system can be mounted easily on a roof, terrace or simply placed against an outside wall.

It is fitted with either a rotary or scroll compressor, renowned for low noise and high energy efficiency.


We work in partnership with specialist contractors who use the most reliable world renowned systems.


Heating Systems

If the circumstances are not suitable for such installations we will work with our contractors to design a conventional heating system.

Ventilation Systems

Correct ventilation of your property is an important aspect of the layout and must comply with the Building Regulations. Ventilation is often combined with the heating and air conditioning systems, but where this is not necessary we will design a stand alone ventilation system often incorporating wall or ceiling mounted extractor fans with appropriate ductwork. Heat exchanging ventilation will often be recommended where the outgoing air partially heats the incoming air in a heat exchanger. These can also qualify for 'Enhanced Capital Allowances' - see the web

Heat exchanging ventilation will often be recommended where the outgoing air partially heats the incoming air in a heat exchanger, minimising the cold draft incoming air often causes and improving energy conservation.

Our contractors are members of  the Heating & Ventilating Contractors' Association

Our Heating Engineers are on the Gas Safe  Register.

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