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How our AutoCAD design service can assist you

We are not Architects, but we have been designing offices for many years from a very practical point of view and we know what is cost effective.

If you have drawings or even your own sketches as above - all good and well, that gets us off to a flying start.

If you do not, let us carry out a site survey -  we know what will be important to a successful project and we will get it all down in the plans. Either way we will produce an AutoCAD drawing.

Digital photography also plays a major part in the survey & design process, and these are also used extensively in the design & development phase of all projects

We use AutoCAD extensively in drafting our layouts and drawings for Design & Build Contracts and when Fitting out and Refurbishing premises.

Once we have your proposals drawn with AutoCAD your amendments (and there will be many - rest assured!) can be quickly incorporated without the need "to go back to the drawing board"!

The benefits of AutoCAD

AutoCAD has become the industry standard for architectural  drafting. Much of the software functionality has been a boon in the  construction industry, not just in producing drawings but in estimating,  measuring, etc. as well.

We have found that drawings produced this way are much more  intelligible for our clients - and illustrate that we carry out this aspect of  our work in a professional manner.

Example  Drawing of a kitchen & toilet facility:-Auto-Cad2

The accuracy level is also so much greater, and although it is so widely used by professionals it is still looked upon as one of the "dark arts" because of being tricky to use - with a very steep learning curve!

Even with a good knowledge of AutoCAD use, years of experience are required to know what to draw! The major benefit for our clients is that all of this is available from us on the end of a phone or an email.

Three dimensional images

cad1cad2Most projects are drafted in two dimensional drawings at a scale of 1:50 We are able to print such drawings, in colour, up to A0 paper size.

Sometimes, where it is difficult to visualise a counter for example, we will produce a three dimensional (3D) image and email this as a JPG image file. The 3D image can also be rotated, with the rotation exported as a short video if required.

Maintaining our client’s drawing libraries

We hold drawing libraries for several our clients, the benefit for them is that when they need to reorganize, upon their request, we immediately email them a copy in a PDF format for their viewing.

Our client then pencils in on the drawing their ideas and fax the sketch back to us. 

We can then very quickly produce a modified version of their original drawing incorporating these ideas, enabling our client to be sure that their ideas are practicable – the Auto CAD drawings are to scale whereas sketches are not!

Generally, we have found that the design phase of a project requires many reviews by different parties and this can now all be done electronically. PDF files can be annotated and returned several times in one day.