Clean Rooms 

clean-roomsSmooth wipeable panel surfaces are achieved through the use of melamine or laminate panels. These surface options, combined with a strong monobloc partition, make this product a highly competitive and appropriate solution to the specialist demands of this sector. The product is therefore widely used for clean rooms, laboratories and food processing areas.

Panels are delivered to site with either a melamine, laminate or smooth pvc vinyl finish. The butt joint gives the effect of a solid wall; Silicon mastic between the joints ensures that the highest standards of cleanliness can be achieved.

Panels are made from 625 kg/m3 density chipboard and are a combination of flax and chipboard. The chipboard panel itself is made from particles bonded with resin. Cable management, permitting hidden wireways, is available by using the internal cavities within the panels.

Profiles – these are made from aluminium and are consequently inert and non-toxic. The material melting point is 660oC. Finishes are either satin anodised or powder coated to BS or RAL standards.

Finishes – either pure pvc vinyl made from polyurethane coated polymid fabric or melamine provide a smooth surface which is easily wiped. For resistance to moisture and most acids, laminate is the ideal solution. All surface finishes offered are non-shedding.

Glazing Options – smooth thermoplastic rubber glazing gaskets can be supplied. Single or double aluminium beading is available as well as a double glazed silicon sealed unit to meet the highest clean room specifications.

Panel Module Dimensions (in single tier) - standard heights are 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m and 3.6m. - standard width is 1.2m.

Fire Resistance – the system can be upgraded without altering the product appearance, to achieve the half hour rating in accordance with BS 476 part 22.

Thermal Resistance – typical values are U:1.08 W/M2K, assuming rockwool is inserted within the panel.

Weight Loading – Tested against the criteria of BS 5268 (part 2) the panels withstood loads of 250 kilos per linear metre run.

Site Work – The Monobloc construction and the pre-decoration of the panels reduces site work considerably. The system becomes airtight after silicon mastic of the panel joints is applied at site by the installer. Foam seals fitted to profiles and coved skirtings assist the elimination of dirt and dust. Door units, using laminate leaves made in the factory, can be supplied in a range of colours to match the panels.