CMM Rooms

In recent years, engineering standards have increased enormously. With this has developed a requirement for ever-more accurate metrology, Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), and the environment they operate in.

We have developed a cost effective method of constructing rooms for this purpose, which can provide temperature-controlled environments for the most sensitive of machines. The CMM manufacturers and metrology professionals all agree that 20°C is the optimum temperature for the task of measurement, and this is also the ideal temperature for the staff too.

We have designed and built rooms up to 27m long and 12.8m wide. Ceiling heights can be very important too, and we have built rooms with ceilings as high as 6.0m!

Air-Conditioning is a critical factor, and most CMM machines will operate quite happily with thermal control to + or - 2°C. This can be achieved with a "standard" DX type system (with a few "tweaks"), although this system only operates to a maximum ceiling height of about 4.5m.

We have installed bespoke close-control a/c systems that can provide + or - 1°C, although these are more expensive and used in high-tech aerospace applications.

Traditional "Cold-room" or "Clean-room" type construction is not ideally sited to this particular application, and the span of the roof panels restricts the room size to about 6m. Our proven method of construction is to integrate an independent steel frame, and this removes any restriction on room size (subject to the restrictions of the area it is being installed in).

Here are some examples of CMM Rooms

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