Data Cabling

Data (structured) Cabling...... .........Is an integral part of all modern commercial premises.

When planning offices or other commercial premises we are mindful of the structured cabling requirements and incorporate these from the outset.

Whilst installing small power trunking and sockets it is most often expedient and appropriate for our contractors to 'pull through' the data structured cabling at the same time.

We do not get involved with your computer system 'from the other side of the patch panel' that's for your IT department / contractor. However we will do all we can to assist them with the infrastructure and cable management within the desks.

  • Generally:- the cabling specification will comply to Cat5, Cat5e or even Cat6
  • Cabinet:- the cabling will Terminate at a patch panel or hub in a Data Cabinet.
  • Data:- cabling will be suitable for all data installations.
  • Telephones:- cabling will also accommodate the telephone requirements
  • VoIP:- (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the future of telephones, structured data cabling is your key to this future.
  • Certification:- Upon completion, the installation will be tested and a certificate and report issued









RJ 45 cables and outlet points structured cabling routed through dado or skirting trunking


data-cabling3  Cables are terminated in patch panels usually mounted in suitable cabinets. 

Cable management

We have all types of answers for this often overlooked last minute problem.

Power and data/telecom cables with flyleads can be incorporated within desk metal frames, minimising trailing leads and similar safety hazards.




Fly leads of all types, all your IT department could ask for!

Here are some more innovative ideas!!


Plug-in your laptop, with the monitor at a proper working height to satisfy Health & Safety requirements