Aluminium Framed Partitions

Many manufacturers make aluminium Framed Partitions in various guises. In essence, they are all variations on a theme. The basis of this type of partition is an “H” post upright, into which panels and/or glazing beads can be fitted. This partition is fully demountable, and alterations can easily be made.


This partition system is not suitable where a high level of sound reduction required, but is perfect where glazing is required. This partition is commonly used to construct the frontal glazed section of an office, whilst metal stud partitions are used between the offices if sound reduction is needed. The two systems can be readily used together. 

The system’s flexibility lends itself to almost  any configuration, with a wide range of applications. Almost any colour and finish is possible with this, the simplest system available. 


Double glazed, with integral venetian blinds, solid above door height to make the glazing more cost effective.  Aluminium-Office-Partitions
Difficult angles can be accommodated easily, opening up new possibilities for designers to achieve that “different” look.  Aluminium-Office-Partitions2
Another alternative, fully double glazed with micro-blinds so fine – you can barely see them.  Aluminium-Office-Partitions3
Even the doors can be double glazed with blinds in! – as shown here.  Aluminium-Office-Partitions4

Partitioning can be integrated   easily with other finishes to create a more permanent installation.


Some very strange shaped offices can   be built with a little imagination.