Metal Stud Partitions

Metal stud partition has been around for many years, and usually comprises a 50mm stud with either one or two layers of plasterboard on either side. The central cavity can be filled with fibreglass or mineral fibre for additional sound proofing.

Other sizes of studs are also available, up to 150mm “Jumbo Stud” which is often used for factory firewalls. Firewalls can be built to over 10,000mm high, and up to two hours fire rating. Jumbo stud firewalls are often used to divide warehouse/factory premises, where a fire compartment is required. The extra width of the studwork provides stability where the partition wall is high. Two layers of plasterboard on each face also creates a laminating effect which increases stability. This is especially important where the installation could be subject to wind load.

For office applications, the following specifications are most commonplace:-

Partition: Thickness: Sound: Fire:






½hr FR

As above, but with 50mm fibreglass. 75mm 41dB ½hr FR






1hr FR

As above, but with 50mm   fibreglass.



1hr FR


Because of its higher level of sound   reduction, metal stud partitions are often used to form training and meeting   rooms:-


Metal stud partition can also have   fixing grounds installed within the cavity, enabling heavier than normal objects   to be attached:-


Having a central cavity makes metal   stud partitions ideal for integrating plumbing services in kitchens, and toilet   areas:-


Metal stud partitions have been used   here to form a ½hr FR compartment around the ground floor perimeter of a two   tier office, using a mezzanine floor structure:-


This partition has been build to   achieve a 54dB sound reduction in an auditorium (better than a double brick   wall!):-


This “Jumbo” stud partition encloses   a room 11,500mm high, and is 2hr fire rated:-