Storage Walls

Generally, storage wall systems are made from MFC (melamine faced chipboard), and can have all sorts of finishes and colours, including wood grain effects. In executive applications they can also be real veneer.

Storage wall systems are manufactured by a host of companies, to many different designs. We are not tied to any one supplier and so we will recommend a manufacturer who can best fulfil your requirements in the most cost effective way.

The basic design is one of a double fronted cupboard that is used in place of a wall.

Each unit can be made to open alternately into one office or the next for space-saving solutions, or all open the same way to provide a flush face on the reverse side. This is also an excellent cost saving measure, as the partition wall is replaced by the storage wall.

storage-wallUnits can also be built against a partition, to increase sound reducing properties:-

Huge space savings can be achieved by using Storagewall systems, especially where a high level of reference material is needed. High density storage reduces the amount of filing cabinets and cupboards around the office, streamlines the appearance of the office, allows more offices to be fitted into the same space, and saves furniture costs when fitting out an all new installation.

Internal fitments within each unit can be ordered to suit the type of application. The most common fitments are:

Fixed suspended lateral file cradles.

Where fixed cradles are used, end labels will be required on the lateral file holders. 

Pull-out lateral file cradles.

These are normally only fitted at low level, up to three rows high. Each of these cradles is roughly equal to a two drawer filing cabinet.

Pull-out shelf.

Normally used temporarily whilst searching/filing, these are normally fitted above the three pull-out lateral file cradles.

Fixed shelves.

These can be at fixed centres, or fitted on adjustable brackets.


There are a wide range of special internal fitments available including:-

  • Microwave ovens
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Mini-bar
  • Cocktail cabinets
  • Display units
  • Wardrobes for staff & visitors alike

All of   these are completely hidden of course, when the doors are closed. An additional   feature of Storage Wall systems is that all files and documentation stored in a   unit is completely concealed for privacy. Confidential files, HR documentation,   or just clutter, can all be hidden from prying eyes.

There are two additional benefits from this feature: 

  • The office always looks tidy                   
  • The room can also be used for meetings


As additional storage to open plan office areas, for stationary and filing. storage-wall1 
In meeting rooms to conceal equipment. storage-wall2
To create both bookcases and stationary storage facilities.  storage-wall3
Complete walls, for high density   storage.  storage-wall4