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Adjustable Steel Shelving System


Shelving-RackingA range of accessories converts a simple bay of Metabolt into a shelving system.

Dividers, bin fronts, doors and shelf trays can be included when the system is initially built or retrofitted as the need arises.

Metabin containers can also be used with the added benefit of colour identification and product classification.

In addition to the static examples shown here, Metabolt can be mounted onto mobile bases to provide a saving in floor space or alternatively an increase in storage capacity.


Storage, Racking, Shelving

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Adjustable Bolt-Free Shelving System

Widespan ShelvingWidespan shelving has benefited from continuous development to increase its versatility and adaptability. Wide access bays ensure maximum shelf utilization which is vital in document storage. Tyre and garment storage also rely on the high density capabilities offered by Widespan. Storage, Racking, Shelving In museums and art galleries where the facility to select individual artefacts is balanced by the need to maximise limited storage space, Widespan on mobile bases is the solution.

High bay and multi-tier options are invaluable alternatives to the single tier static and mobile arrangements. With the added bonus of a range of beam profiles, easily adjusted shelf levels and a smooth front face Widespan is both attractive and flexible. Storage, Racking, Shelving A storage system designed for the future, for use today.

Widespan is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and complies with the relevant Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association codes of practice for static and mobile shelving.







Storage, Racking, Shelving

Storage, Racking, ShelvingAn exhaust storage facility.

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Adjustable Single Tier Shelving System

QBL adjustable shelving has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace.Reflecting all the features of the successful QB2 adjustable shelving system, QBL has been developed to provide a single tier storage solution. Shelf and bay capacities have been developed to provide a single tier storage solution. Shelf and bay capacities have been modified to offer a broad range of specification.
Options without compromising the integrity of the product. Where high density single tier shelving is required, QBL mounted on mobile bases will provide maximum storage capacity. Meeting the needs of industry and commerce, QBL is the Light Heavyweight solution.


Storage, Racking, ShelvingQBL with rear cladding and clad ends.

Heights up to 2400mm

Widths up to 1000mm

Shelf capacity up to 80kgs

Bay capacity up to 1500kgs

Storage, Racking, ShelvingQBL on mobile bases in an Archive Repository

The essential features of a storage system are:


All three, and more, are attributes of both QBL and QB2.

Designed and manufactured to the highest specification, QBL meets all the standards promoted by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association Code of Practice for Static & Mobile Shelving.


Storage, Racking, Shelving

  • Rigid & stable construction
  • Easily adjustable
  • Adoptable
  • Strong
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • QB2 starter and extension bay with rear cladding and clad ends.
Heights up to 4200mm
Widths up to
Shelf capacity up to 340kgs
Bay capacity up to 6000kgs

Storage, Racking, ShelvingThe facility to span two 900mm wide bays is one of the major design features of the Xtraspan beam.

Storage, Racking, ShelvingIn a high bay or multi-tier configuration short span shelving at the lower level can be spanned with Xtraspan at a higher level; a simple means of achieving bulk storage and individual product selection within the same system.

Open type QB2 starter and extension bay

Utilising the standard QB2 framework Xtraspan beams can be incorporated into a conventional short-span shelving layout or used as a very cost effective wide access system. 

QB2 adjustable shelving is one of the most versatile shelving systems available. Complete adaptability is just one benefit from a wide range of standard and specialist accessories.

high density storage and individual accessibility is addressed by QB2 mounted on mobile bases.
A comprehensive choice of bay sizes together with single and multi-tier options ensures maximum volume utilisation. QB2 excels in busy environments such as motor parts storage where flexibility is paramount. 
In the more sedate world of libraries, education and museums, the need for.
No matter where storage is required, quality is always important. This is reflected in an aesthetically pleasing design and superior finish. The best solution to any storage situation is often the simplest.
, Racking, Shelving 

Storage, Racking, Shelving A QB2 multi-tier installation in an Engineering Distribution Centre.

Heights up to 4200mm

Widths up to 1800mm

Shelf capacity up to 340kgs

Bay capacity up to 6000kgs

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Shelving & Container Combinations

Storage, Racking,

High grade co-polymer polypropylene containers used in conjunction with QB2 and QBL shelving offers a most effective concept for small parts storage.

A choice of colours enhances the working environment and introduces a 'colour coding' option. Bulk and high density storage is balanced by individual selectivity.

Louvred panels secured to the back and ends of shelving bays can economically increase the storage capacity.
Storage, Racking, ShelvingLouvred Panel Accessories 
Storage, Racking, ShelvingContainers


To further enhance the combination of small parts containers and adjustable shelving, a range of wire hooks and spigots will offer the facility to store tools and products in packets.

These accessories lend themselves to the automotive industry and the retail sector. Engineering stores will benefit from the integration of shelving and the Metabin Small Parts Storage System.

A comprehensive Metabin brochure is available upon request.

Storage, Racking, Shelving
Storage, Racking, Shelving

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