Why choose us?


We are renowned for the detailed scheduling and drawings in our proposals, this is so that you can be sure of what you are  getting.

We always try to anticipate the things that we know  you will need, or need to do, and allow for them, even if you have not  mentioned them to us in your briefing.

During the course of your project things may well crop  up that have been overlooked or missed. 

If they are of our making we will deal with them  promptly at our own cost.

If they are of your making we will only charge you for  them if the cost is substantial.

Upon your instruction to proceed with the project we  will draft a programme of works and appoint a project manager who will liaise  with you who will ensure that the project runs smoothly, meeting your  expectations and completed in good time.

Our quotations are very competitive –  more than 50% of our quotations become orders - an enviable  record (most of those that are not ordered, do not go ahead for other reasons)